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 " I am the last surviving original member of Scodria and for too long have I kept to the shadows. It is time to carry on our torch. I will let the Angels hear us. RIP Cathy, Victoria, and Vanessa."

Live fast, Die Young. Only Once.
Let the angels hear us.

Cathy - RIP. 2008

Single|You Think You Know Me



Scodria produces music that has its own unique sound from heavy emo rock to trance and alternative via music recreation. Production is done by using layering and loops much like how DJs produce music. Except she uses her our own loops and vocals or loops and vocals legally obtained for music creation. Scodria as a band originally started in 2008, however tragedy had taken and the band and music production had gone silent. Till now where Scodria's last living member, Kahana, decided that she should start produceing music in memory of her lost friends and for the love of music.